Are you ready to spread your message? is devoted to helping you spread YOUR MESSAGE. Easy to create, simple to use, stickable QR Codes go almost anwhere! Let us help you and or your business get the word out. From portfolio websites, to corporate slogans, there are endless uses for QR Codes. Available in 12" X 12" and 24" X 24" options you can make quite the statement. Have questions? Jump over to our Frequently Asked Questions.
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Ever notice how in todays fast paced digital world everyone seems to always be looking down at an electronic device? We did! The image to the right is a perfect example of how we here at QR Tagz can work for you. Viral marketing just got taken to the next level. Make a loud, quick impact by sticking your message, slogan or URL, almost anywhere!

QR Tagz uses only high quality long lasting film. Our films are easily removed cleanly for up to 2 years after application. Film includes a matte surface that suppresses unwanted reflection. It is a perfect choice for temporary, short-term, and medium-term indoor or outdoor graphics. Available without a backdrop.
Almost Anywhere!

Just imagine all the possiblities! From store fronts and windows to doors and sidewalks. You can stick your message, slogan and or URL almost anywhere you can think of. New high tech marketing for you whereever you can find a couple feet of flat space.
Bulk Discounts

Our cart system automatically applies a discount to orders at set increments. Ten percent off for orders of ten or more codes. Fifteen percent off for orders of one hundred or more. Twenty percent off orders of one thousand or more QR codes.
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